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WebiNar: How to Facilitate Online Teacher Communities and Networks

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Nariño Tesol Network's first event took place on May 28, 2021 and our guest speaker, Diego Boada, PhD, stole the screen to share his findings on a research about communities of practice carried out through a social network analysis — a type of analysis that studies phenomena based on social structures instead of individual attributes.

Dr. Boada highlighted the importance of teacher networks and started by distinguishing a network from a “rosca”, a word that encompasses nepotism, unfairness, social inequity, and inefficacy in any institution.

Furthermore, it is important to focus on what networks and communities can provide: a Community promotes sharing an identity, beliefs, and an intention, while a Network is about connections, relationships and shared resources; both complement each other.

Under these criteria, Diego recommends that, in order to build up a network, we need to focus on making significant connections and create spaces for participation and information flow, and to build up a community, it is important to facilitate collective trust and commitment by means of example and rules. This way we can develop a shared identity and learn in a collaborative way.

[...] the value of being able to study abroad is not what you learn [...], it's all the peaople that you meet, all of those networks, those connections, the friends that you make. That is the real value of going somewhere.

To sum up, for either process it is important to set norms, to analyze the best technological tools for communication, engagement and decision-making, to promote real-life interactions and orientation for new teachers, to share resources and opportunities regularly, and to get support from educational institutions.

You may our full videoconferences on our YouTube channel


Suggested APA Citation: Boada, D. (2021, May 28). How to Facilitate Online Teacher Communities and Networks [Webinar]. Nariño Tesol Network.

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