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What is ellii (ESL Library)?

ellii’s online platform is used by professional English language teachers in over 10,000 schools around the world. Our ready-made lesson plans and materials, as well as digital homework and feedback tools, allow teachers to save time and teach meaningful classes every day.

Use ellii's library to create custom, sharable curricula, and unit plans or as a supplement to your existing curriculum. Unlike a core textbook, our library of resources continues to grow every week with fresh lesson plans and classroom materials.

ellii + Nariño TESOL NEtwork
Est. 2021

Thanks to our partnership with ESL Library, Nariño TESOL Network members can have access to wonderful benefits.

 Enjoy a free

2-month subscription for our Plus plan.

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Attend private webinars prepared specially by ellii for NTN's members.

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Enter raffles to win prizes and longer memberships from ellii

Become a member of Nariño TESOL Network now and claim a free 2-month subscription to a Plus plan from ellii.

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